Spirit animals are our inner most selves when we are closest to mother earth, Each animal symbolizes a unique aspect, such as Lion=Courage etc. Every person has a spirit animal it is whether you are able to call upon it or not.

Methods to calling your spirit animal

Meditation is the first step although people hate it it will get you more intune with yourself, after you meditate you should try and visualize yourself in a specific type of enviornment such as forest,Desert,Beach etc.

next you should try and call upon an animal, whatever animal you need for a attribute, in your mind bond with that animal, thank it, talk to it, ask for its wisdom. (Not all animals will accept you). After you are done thank the animal and break meditation.

You will know your spirit animal when you call upon an animal and it sort of "clicks", when it happens you will know.

Dont give up patience is key.